How to transform an antique portable radio into a modern Bluetooth speaker

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antique bluetooth radio
credit: ke4mcl


This cool project from Instructable user ke4mcl shows us how to take an antique portable radio you might find at a flea market or yard sale and give it a new modern life by making it into a Bluetooth speaker. Once transformed, this gadget can pair with your smartphone or iPod and play your tunes wherever you take it.

Keymcl explains his passion for this project, saying, "While normally I prefer to restore most antique radios that come my way, there's a significant under-appreciation for antique tube portables. With few exceptions, most don't bring much in the collector market and their isn't much love for them. I think they look quite cool. Some, like the Delco model I used, are wrapped in tweed. What jazz lover doesn't dig tweed?!?!?

My goal was to take this cool tweed covered AM radio, and re-purpose it into something that would look right amongst my other vintage gear yet serve a modern day purpose."

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