How to Make 3D-Printed Circuit Boards And An LED Flashlight

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3D Printing Electronics

3D printing has become more accessible for the average Maker, from small printers you can use at home to websites that will print out designs you send in. With 3D printing also comes the ability to make electronic devices, and it can be done with less waste and greater efficiency. This Instructable from Chris at CarryTheWhat? shows you how to craft 3D-printed circuit boards and as an example for their use, shows you how to make a functioning LED flashlight. Awesome! With permission, here are the instructions in full!

Intro -- what is this instructable? Given the schematic for a simple circuit, make it a real circuit with the base components, some conductive thread, and a 3D printer. No solder, no etching chemicals, no sending away for anything.

This Instructable is to serve as the how-to guide for a 3D-printed electronic circuit library implemented in OpenSCAD, 3D-PCB. I recreate the full replication process of a simple analog circuit of a blinking LED made from a few transistors, capacitors, and resistors, a single LED, and a AAA battery. I will review how to import the library, and use it to place components in OpenSCAD in a grid, and teach you the basic wrapping techniques for all the included features.

Also included is a more useful example of an LED flashlight.

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