How to make a water battery

Intro and Materials

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water battery mock up

credit: Roy02

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This fun project comes from Instructables user Roy02. With a few materials and a little bit of time, he shows us how to put together a working battery made from water. This project, which is part of the Instructables Green Design Contest, could be used to add a little charge to your smartphone or be a fun way to introduce battery chemistry to kids.

Roy02 says, "The concept behind it is to make a galvanic cell that works on either a saltbridge or a sourbridge. In this case it's a saltbridge, but you could try using plants or wine (sourbridge) to create the same effect."

Things you'll need:

- copper sulphate
- zinc sulphate
- water
- led lights low voltage (testing)
- clamp cables
- 6 plastic bottles (1L)
- 6 pieces of copper
- 6 pieces of zinc