How To Make LED Turn Signals For Your Bike

Safety In LEDs

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credit: AdamBowker98

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As the sun goes down earlier and earlier with the change of seasons, it'll be more important than ever for you to be safe on your bike. These LED turn signals will help let drivers know both where you are and where you're headed. A fun and easy project, this idea was devised by a 9th grader from North Carolina, Instructables user Adambowker98. Check out the project and dive in to making your own set of turn signals!
I made a schematic using Upverter! This should help a lot of people.

Hand bike signals are boring, and who doesn't love electronics and LEDs? I don't do much road biking where I actually need turn signals, but they look cool and are fun to make. Also, they go great with an Altoids Bike Headlight on the Cheap! (That's another one of my 'ibles.)