How to Make an Energy Efficient Remote to Turn Off Any TV

What You'll Need

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tv-b-gone make diy

credit: Jinseok Jeon

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You will need the TV-B-Gone kit, sold by Adfruit. Here is the parts list for the UNI model.

- ATtiny85V-10 with firmware: x1
- 8pin DIP socket: x1
- 8MHz ceramic resonator with built-in capacitors: x1
- Narrow beam IR LED (20 degrees, 940nm): x1
- Wide beam IR LED (34 degrees (or 40) , 940nm): x2
- Slide switch (DPDT): x2
- NPN transistor (2N3904): x3
- PNP transistor (PN2907, 800mA): x1
- 3mm LED (green or red): x1
- Resistor (1k): x2
- Resistor (10k): x1
- Tactile switch: x2
- Bread board or prototype board or you can buy the PCB from me