How to Make an Energy Efficient Remote to Turn Off Any TV

Turn Off Their Television

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credit: Jinseok Jeon

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If you don't like the fact that you can't sit in a restaurant or bar without being surrounded by televisions, the TV-B-Gone will appeal to you. The little gadget, sold as a DIY kit by Adafruit, lets you turn off any TV you see, without having to ask the bartender and look like the guy or gal who's spoiling everyone's fun.

The ubiquity of large televisions drives up energy consumption, it promotes materialism and pushes back the day when we all might decide that we own enough stuff.

But to make the TV-B-Gone even better than it already is, Jinseok Jeon (known to Instructables users as JeonLab) came up with this DIY project for taking the device and making it not only more energy efficient, but more versatile. Battery saved, more televisions off.

Without further ado, here's Jinseok's project, presented in his words.