How to Make a Gorgeous Wooden Desk Fan and Heater

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credit: HHarry

Keep Cool This Summer

We use a lot of space on TreeHugger to bemoan the ill effects of air conditioning: in addition to the energy they use, AC units pump out an "environmentally-friendly" refrigerant with a warming effect 2,100 times worse than CO2. Smart building design can beat the heat, but chances are you live in a home that was built without those ideas in mind.

To keep cool as the temperature rises this summer, try your hand at building this gorgeous desk fan (it also works as a heater). Making it from wood and parts that are likely laying in piles around your garage reduces the environmental toll of your materials, and it looks a whole lot cooler than your average fan. If you're feeling ambitious, find a way to power it via a solar panel: It just makes sense.

This project is the work of Instructables user HHarry. Special thanks to him for his permission to post it here.

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