How to Make a CCTV System from Recycled Batteries, On the Cheap

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credit: ooda55

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When homes have an alarm system installed it usually contains a backup battery in case of power failure. These batteries need to be replaced every few years to ensure the system performs correctly.

The waste batteries are usually sold to scrap dealers for their lead content, but alarm installers are usually happy to give/sell them to you for an incredibly low price. We have picked up 7AH batteries for less than a dollar each.
In this instructable I aim to show you how easy and cost effective it can be to "recycle" these for your own projects, such as a UPS/CCTV system.

The project was designed, tested and built by myself [Chris] and Dom. We are fairly experienced with electronics and suggest that this project should only be undertaken if you have done all the appropriate research beforehand.

This instructible can be followed to the letter, or changed to suit your own needs if you wish to use other batteries etc.

We Used:

  • 8x 7AH Sealed Lead Acid batteries from an alarm installation company: $6.25
  • 700w modified sine wave inverter from Gumtree (classifed ads site): $39
  • Selection of wire, mostly mains flex, had it at home: $0
  • Two 8 way earth blocks from Toostation: $6.13
  • 3 pole double throw 240v relay from eBay: $6.25
  • 2x 13A plugs, had them at home: $0
  • Double gang socket, had it at home: $0

Extras for CCTV:

  • Old computer (Prusabox), from a family member: $0
  • RCA cable, from eBay: $3.13
  • EasyCap, from eBay: $6.25
  • IR Night Vision CCTV Camera, from eBay: $14
  • LAN Cable, had it at home: $0