X-Ray Technology Turns Flowers Into Science Fiction

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X-Ray of Hibiscus Flower (Hibiscus Liliiflorus)

Taking floral x-rays is hardly anything new. But doesn't mean every time I see them I don't go "ooooh, pretty!" This particular set was taken by Singapore-based photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick. He didn't set out to be a photographer. In fact, he was originally interested in becoming a Science Fiction Illustrator. I would argue that his work here actually accomplishes that -- these photos are otherworldly.

Such photographs began to pop up not long after the development of the diagnostic x-ray machine. In fact, images can be found dating back to 1913 but it wasn't until the 30s that they received any real attention due to the work of Dain Tasker, who turned scientific research of botanicals into actual art.

But the real lesson here is how technology can not only transform our lives but also transform how we view and interact with other living things. I would love to see other living things photographed in this same manor, that is, if I wasn't afraid of what exposing said creatures to x-rays might actually do. Seems like it could end badly, like B-movie badly.

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