5 baby carriers to keep your child close

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Introduction to Babywearing

Babywearing is an ancient practice that, in the last five years, has become much more popular in North America. Carrying or “wearing” your baby is a fabulous way to keep him or her close, particularly during the most vulnerable early months of life, while promoting the necessary parent-baby bond and keeping your hands free.

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) says, "Babywearing keeps your baby in the safest place possible -- your arms." When your baby is "Visible & Kissable," as the BCIA's trademarked slogan goes, you're able to keep watch and ensure that he or she is comfortable, secure, and content.

To get a feeling for why baby wearing is such a wonderfully beneficial thing for both parents and babies, take a look at this sweet little video from CatBird Baby. (Keep some tissues nearby.)

There are many carriers on the market now, which is why I sat down with Linnea Catalan, who works for the BCIA and is a private babywearing educator, to learn about the different styles and what they all have to offer.

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