6 great cloth diapers that you and your baby will love

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Bummis diaper
credit: Bummis

1. Bummis

Thinking about using cloth diapers? It’s not as scary as it seems. Tremendous advances in design have made them as easy to use as disposables. Long gone are the days of boiling flannel sheets for hours in order to sterilize them. These diapers are high-tech, durable, and reusable for multiple years and children, which means you’ll ultimately save a lot of money and divert thousands of non-biodegradable disposables from landfill sites. These are some of the best brands on the market right now.

Bummis diapers are made in Quebec, Canada, using fabric that is sourced as often as possible from North American textile mills. They import only when it’s impossible to find a domestic manufacturer of a fabric they need. There is a wide variety of diaper models to choose from, including organic cotton fitted diapers and prefold inserts that are used with waterproof wraps or covers. Find a local retailer here.

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