What Rio+20 Was and Wasn't in 17 Photos

One-way dialogues

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Sustainable Development Dialogues session at Rio+20. Photo

credit: Paula Alvarado

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Organized by the Brazilian government with the support of the United Nations, the Sustainable Development Dialogues (June 16-19) sought to bring the voice of civil society to the negotiations: a voting was held to choose which three of ten measures were the most important for the audience. Such chosen topics would be 'conveyed' to heads of state and government at the Summit.

The results were an interesting peak at the involved society's state of mind and interests (or perhaps a pat in the back for those behind the #EndFossilFuelSubsidies campaign): 66.1% of voters chose "Take concrete steps to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies" among their options, with all the other measures not raising above 35% in popularity.

The fact that there was no talk whatsoever about this subject during the official conference may also be a sign of the extent to which this was supposed to mean anything.