Mixed Messages, Colorful Marches: Walking the Rio+20 People's Summit

Craft Business

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Indigenous man selling jewelry with natural materials at People's Summit in Rio+20

credit: Paula Alvarado

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The Rio+20 People's Summit for Social and Environmental Justice is an event organized by global civil society which is happening until June 23 at Aterro do Flamengo. That the site where the summit is taking place is about two hours away from the official meeting is also symbolic: this gathering seeks to condemn the lack of action of the past 20 years and coordinate efforts from different parts of society.

Indigenous communities have a strong presence at the event, though in some 'delegates' it feels like more of a business strategy to sell crafts than actual interest in the talks. It's of course understandable that they would take advantage of a place like this to make some income though, and their creations are made with natural materials (in the photo, necklaces from seeds colored with vegetable pigments).