What is the impact of meat on climate?

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credit: Claire Goble

The IPCC concluded last year that we have to cut our CO2 emissions almost in half in the next dozen years if we are going to have any hope of limiting the damages from climate change.

Given the enormity of this task, I assigned each of my 60 students studying sustainable design at Ryerson School of Interior Design a different facet of the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.

Each student had to look at the history of the issue and how we got here, why it is a problem now, and what we have to do to fix it.

Some of the responses were really terrific, and I will be publishing some of the best here on TreeHugger, starting with Claire Goble on the subject of meat. These were prepared as slideshows for the class, and I have included all the slides here, so I apologize in advance for all the clicks.

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