Climate change is a disaster for millennials, an inconvenience for the boomers

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Rising CO2 Levels
credit: NASA

This is a series where I take my lectures presented as adjunct professor teaching sustainable design at Ryerson University School of Interior Design in Toronto and distill them down to a sort of Pecha Kucha slideshow of the essentials.

When I teach sustainable design, I start with the basics, the problems we are trying to solve, and of course, the biggest one is climate change and the importance of reducing our consumption of fossil fuels. It is surprisingly hard; my students are in the third year of their course, happily ignoring what many of us keep saying is the biggest issue of our time. Over the last decade, I have actually seen a decline in interest in sustainable design when I look at their end-of-year work; it is barely on their radars. Denial has become so pervasive that I have had to spend as much time saying "really, this is happening!" as I am explaining the basics of rising temperatures.

But this year is different.

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