Giraffes? Horses? Squirrels? 20 animals you didn't know are going extinct

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When it comes to the Endangered Species List, some animals stand out as celebrities: polar bears, giant pandas, rhinos, snow leopards. But sadly, the list is so extensive that there are many species you may never have suspected are endangered. Here are twenty of them.

First up: Zebras

An icon of the African plains and a necessity in any wildlife documentary about lions going a' huntin', the zebra is actually in trouble. Well, really, it's the Grevy's zebra. There are several species of zebra in Africa, including the Plains zebra, Mountain zebra and the Grevy's zebra. Among them, the Mountain zebra is listed as vulnerable but the Grevy's is in dire straights with only about 2,500 individuals left in the wild.

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