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Malenois Attack the Poaching Problem

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credit: Juan Pedro Diez

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It's one thing if you're a poacher to have bloodhounds tracking you down, but what if you had Belgian Malenois trained to attack close on your heels? Hopefully it's enough to get you to surrender! That's exactly the hope of conservationists who have trained Malenois to find and take down poachers who are in turn tracking down rhinos, including Jack who is being trained by, and Toby and Russell working in Kruger National Park and Pilansberg National Park respectively. Poachers sometimes work in groups, with armed members of the group laying in wait to ambush any field rangers who try to stop poaching in action. The malenois are important for rangers, acting as both an early warning and distraction against poachers so the rangers a better chance to catch the criminals.