From Yawning Lions to Buffalo-befriending Birds: Africa's Threatened Animals in Stunning Photos

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Lions Yawn Too

For more than 10 years, the WildiZe Foundation has been lending its support to conservation projects across Africa, from improving the relationship between locals and animals to developing sustainable development practices. WildiZe founder and president Eli Weiss is also a wildlife and nature photographer, and her photos document several of these projects here.

This photo of a lion mid-yawn comes from a December 2003 trip to the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Says Weiss:

This adult male of the Paradise Pride was busy with his mate, and during rest periods we would wait for the perfect moment [to get the shot]. Human/animal conflicts can pose major threats to both people and predators, specifically lions. The lions kill cattle and other livestock, and in response, the livestock owners kill lions. To help solve this problem, WildiZe is undertaking field studies in Conditioned Taste Aversion to attempt to minimize and reverse these trends.

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