Midway Atoll: 24 Images From My Instagram Diary

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laysan albatross photo
credit: Jaymi Heimbuch

Albatross After Your Heart

My very first morning on Midway, I was told by folks there that the place would get under my skin -- that there is a magic to it and it affects you in a way unique from other places. I figured it was mostly their bias for the island talking. After a week on assignment for TreeHugger -- wandering among the many species of birds, watching sea turtles and monk seals on the beach, and getting to know the wildlife -- I will readily admit that this is a special place in my heart. This place is both otherworldly, and representative of our planet in many ways. I came home with over 12,000 photos snapped on my DSLR, but here is what I Instagrammed while there. This is my diary of sorts of the journey around Midway, and sometimes what you capture quickly on an iPhone can reveal the most about a place.

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