14 of North America's most endangered birds

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Golden-cheeked Warbler

The vividly colored Golden-cheeked Warbler is a resident of central Texas, and is sometimes called the gold finch of Texas. It is the only bird species with a breeding range limited to Texas and is found no where else in the world -- and it is also endangered primarily due to the deforestation of the juniper and oak woodlands where they live and nest.

According to Fish and Wildlife Services:
"The clearing of old juniper woodlands for livestock grazing and urban expansion has decreased the area available for nesting. When large tracts of woods are broken up with pastures, roads and development, a population increase among nest predators such as the blue jays and the brown-headed cowbird occurs. The quantity of woodlands on the small fragmented tracts often means adults cannot find enough food to feed the young, or the young have no areas on which to disperse. About 27,000 warbler are estimated to survive today, a decline of about 25% in 28 years."

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