10 Standing Desks To Help You get Thinner, Live Longer

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Health Benefits of Standing Desk; Sitting is "A Lethal Activity."

But now the evidence is piling up that Propst was absolutely right, that standing is important, but change and movement even more so. It burns calories; At JustStand.Org you can calculate how many and at what height you should set your desk and monitor.
There is lots of evidence; my favorite study used motion-tracking underwear.

This is your body on chairs: Electrical activity in the muscles drops -- "the muscles go as silent as those of a dead horse," [researcher Marc] Hamilton says -- leading to a cascade of harmful metabolic effects. Your calorie-burning rate immediately plunges to about one per minute, a third of what it would be if you got up and walked.

Standing desk advocate Dr. James Levine has issued a call to action:

Go into cubeland in a tightly controlled corporate environment and you immediately sense that there is a malaise about being tied behind a computer screen seated all day," he said. "The soul of the nation is sapped, and now it's time for the soul of the nation to rise.

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