10 Standing Desks To Help You get Thinner, Live Longer

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Barbara Eldredge using Humanscale Float
credit: Core77

Is Buying an Adjustable Standing Desk The Right Decision?

For a number of reasons, I have come to conclude that an adjustable base desk is a mistake. In her Core77 review, Barbara Eldredge noted:

I thought that I would use the standing feature more than I did. Even after I became accustomed to working while standing I probably didn't stand for more than a third of my workday—though I liked using the height transition as a mental break between tasks.

Studies confirm the bias toward sitting. According to a study by Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University,

Four out of five people prefer to work at electric, adjustable computer stations that allow them to stand at their computers part of the day. The study also found that people with access to electrically adjustable tables choose to stand at their computers about 20 percent of the day.

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