Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Joe Devoy from Andrew Whitlatch on Vimeo.

Tellus 360 is a "a shiny new concept bringing economical and sustainable solutions to all aspects of living" in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Andrew Whitlatch has directed a lovely film profiling the company and its founder, Joe Devoy, and premieres the film here on TreeHugger. Andrew writes:

I'm amazed at how much we waste in our daily lives. I'm encouraged by businesses who don't use "eco-friendly" and "green" as a marketing ploy, but as a way to build sustainable business. I made this short documentary to show people that sustainable businesses are not only possible but economically sound. Tellus 360 was born out of a need to manage construction waste. Each reclaimed piece of wood has a history that gives character and beauty to the furniture. Wood from the Boston Harbor and the Philadelphia Aqueduct system are some of the wood used in building Tellus 360's wood pieces. It's important for us to implement ways to manage our consumption and create new businesses based on a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

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