Joris Laarman Lab shows the future of digital design

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credit: Lloyd Alter

According to Joris Laarman,

We live in a fascinating time. An ordinary person has access to more information today than any world leader or Nobel Prize winner ever had in the past. We are children of a time of transition: one foot in the industrial era and the other in the digital era... Will robots be taking over all of our work within the next ten years? Or will developments in digital fabrication ensure that craftsmanship and the love of the way things are made will once again be central to society? In any case, we’re on the eve of great changes.

The Joris Laarman Lab uses the latest, most powerful technologies to make beautiful objects, many of which are on display at the Cooper Hewitt in New York City.

The physical world is unruly and beautiful for the unpredictabilities and limitations that make it necessary to experiment in order to gain control over something over time. But rather than something nostalgic, craftsmanship ought to be seen as something that is always evolving and that, with the help of high-tech tools, should be central to society.

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