9 Mouthwatering Recipes For Succulent Summer Tomatoes

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In the winter, when the tomatoes at your local grocery store are tough instead of tender and a pale, watery pink instead of a rich, juicy red, the idea of a fresh summer tomato might be the only thing that gets you through. But by mid-summer, you can't think of one more way to use up the bright red versions from your own backyard or farmer's market.

That's where we come in: These nine recipes offer quick and easy ways to turn any tomato -- heirloom, cherry, grape, overripe -- into a delicious meal, from salads or stuffed tomatoes to salsas and soup. Try the unexpected pairings -- watermelon, raisins and cumin, risotto -- or just update the standards (basil and mozzarella, grilled cheese, fresh herbs).

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