15 Vegetarian comfort food recipes

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Healthier comfort foods

Fats, sugars and carbohydrates. These are things our bodies crave when we are seeking comfort in food. Fried, baked, simmered, sauteed, crunchy or melty, the form the foods take are also important to us depending on just what kind of "junk" food we crave. There is no getting away from craving comfort food -- it's just part of our psychology, part of our physiology. But there is a way to satisfy that craving while still sitting squarely in the realm of healthy. Or at least, healthier.

We have gathered up some of our favorite comfort food recipes -- from fried goodies to baked sweets, from carb-rich soups to cheesy grilled sandwiches. These are your go-to recipes for when you want the comfort of food without the backslide into artery-clogging fast-food or processed and packaged portions. This is real food, made from scratch, that will hit the spot.

We start with a comfort food that most everyone loves: chili fries! Featuring potato strips that are baked, not fried, and vegetarian chili made from fresh ingredients, this recipe is an excellent option for when a craving for hot starchy goodness calls.

Make this: Quick and delicious chili fries

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