11 delicious vegetarian soup and stew recipes

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Tuscan white bean soup

There are few meals as simple as opening a can of soup, plopping the contents into a pot or bowl and heating it up. But there is little satisfying about this kind of meal when it comes from a can from the supermarket. The affordable canned soups are loaded up with sodium and other unwanted additives, with ingredients that have had the nutrients processed right out of them. And if you're going for healthier, more locally made soups then you are probably paying what feels like a small fortune. Take control of your kitchen and food budget by making these soups for yourself. You can put them in individual containers and store them in the fridge and freezer so you can have the same level of convenience but for less money and a much greater level of satisfaction.

First, we start with a classic Tuscan white bean soup. It is filled with everything good, and nothing bad for you. And because it is so easy to put together, it's an excellent recipe for rainy days.

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