10 Tasty Recipes for Gluten-Free Desserts

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flourless chocolate cake
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Flourless Chocolate Cake

A gluten-free diet is a must if you're dealing with celiac disease -- meaning you're allergic to the gluten found in wheat, barley, and rye -- but even if you don't have it, new research suggests avoiding gluten can help your digestion system function much more smoothly.

In fact , according to The New York Times, it might be better if we all went gluten free.

Kicking gluten out of your diet is no easy task, but with a little creativity it's easier than you think -- and it doesn't mean eating something that tastes like a hockey puck. Check out these 10 delicious recipes for gluten-free desserts and get baking.

One note: If you do have an allergy, make sure to read the labels on each ingredient closely to make sure there's no cross contamination due to processing techniques.

Flourless chocolate cake is one crowd-pleasing dessert gluten-free guests can also enjoy: Because it's made without flour, it delivers a rich, dense chocolate flavor. This recipe for Chocolate Cracked Earth cake from the Food Network's Tyler Florence relies on a pound of chocolate, a stick of butter, 9 eggs, 2 cups of heavy cream, and some sugar for a decadent end result.

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