10 luscious desserts with hidden vegetables

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Chocolate beet cake
credit: balise42

Vitamin-packed eggplant, beans, beets, and zucchini covertly tucked into delicious desserts? Here come the stealth vegetables. In place of empty calories these 10 desserts deliver vitamins, antioxidants and fiber in a tasty package that can provide more vegetables for your diet.

1. Chocolate beet cake

This is one of the best recipes ever. Really. (Although that's coming from a varsity beet cheerleader, so it may be relative.)

Beets add a deep rich color and ever-so-slightly earthy flavor to desserts, and when combined with sweet dark chocolate and baked, the synergy is surprising and very happy-making. Read more about beets and find the recipe here: Chocolate Beet Cake is Delicious.

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