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Alex Davies

Alex Davies (@adavies47)
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January 13, 2012

Lexus' New Hybrid Concept

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Lexus LF-LC hybrid coupe

credit: Toyota

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Toyota's luxury division, Lexus, has been pretty good at putting hybrid drivetrains in its cars, giving them better fuel economy and low smog-forming emissions than most competing models.

But what would be really nice is if they pushed a bit further and starting making fully electric cars (or even plug-in hybrids). Sadly, the latest concept car by Lexus doesn't go quite that far and sticks with just a conventional gas-electric hybrid drivetrain.

It's not bad per se, but I'd be a lot more excited if they had come out with a 100% electric sporty model with a 150+ miles range that hinted at competition with Tesla's Model S.

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