The Week in Pictures: A Gorgeous Green Home Stirs Controversy, Toilet Made from Computer Parts and More

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Bigbury aerial view
credit: Architizer

A Green Home Stirs Controversy

Lloyd say: OK, I am deeply conflicted about this one. The UK has very strict greenbelt and cultural heritage landscape rules to preserve heritage views and historic sites, and to control suburban sprawl.

Recently there have been a bunch of attempts to bust the rules by using green roofs and underground construction to hide the buildings, and to qualify for a Clause 11 of Planning Policy Statement 7 or PPS7 which the Architects Journal defines as ‘exceptional quality and innovative nature of the design’ of a proposed building may provide ‘special justification for granting planning permission.’

I have previously covered other attempts, including the Teletubby House and an underground hotel and golf course. I concluded that Green Roofs + Green Belts = Greenwash.

READ THE FULL STORY: Underground House With Green Roof Approved In Protected Area Next To Archaeological Site

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