Thierry Cohen envisions city skylines against the stars

New York City

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Thierry Cohen skyline and stars photo

credit: Thierry Cohen, courtesy of Danziger Gallery

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Is it the perfect execution of Earth Hour or a preview of a post-apocalyptic future? Does a lightless skyline imply a lifeless city? Do these images instill a sense of eerie doom or peaceful silence? In other words, are you afraid of the dark? Thierry Cohen's latest collection, “Villes Enteintes” or Darkened Cities, will make you consider the familiar sites of bright lights, big city. In the incredible series of digital photographs, Cohen shows us the world's great cities with darkened skylines, set against the actual star-filled skies urban dwellers never see.

Learn more about how he made these images and see the darkened skylines of Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Paris and Sao Paulo in the coming pages.