The World's Greenest and Meanest National Anthems

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prachovské skály, czech republic photo
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Just about every country on earth has a national anthem--generally meant to inspire citizens with the nation's values and valor. But some of these anthems are more praising of the environment, while others downright promote destruction. Regardless of a country's policy, these songs have the power to shape cultural identity--which is what makes them so beloved, and indeed, so revealing... Which nations have the greenest national anthems, and which have the meanest? The answer may surprise you:

Greenest: Czech Republic

Few nations are as pleased with their natural features as the Czech Republic, made clear in the anthem Where is My Home? From the river which "roars across the meadows," to trees that "rustle among the crags," Czechs sing of their homeland as being a "paradise on earth"--and that's without mentioning their delicious beer.

Photo: Flickr