The Week in Pictures: The Carbon Footprint of Love, Wacky Solar-Powered Things and More

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Just what is the carbon footprint of love in a globalized world, and what can we do to reduce it? TreeHugger Sami, as a younger, idealistic activist in England, once vowed never to fly again. Then he fell in love with an American, got married, and did his part to contribute to population growth.

We also have wacky and unexpected things tapping solar power; a PETA seal coaster controversy; an update on Japan's nuclear crisis; Big Macs stamped with a calorie count; and more, in our photo roundup of the best photos in TreeHugger this week.

Long Distance Love Means Long Distance Travel

The fact is that many of us--in the wealthier segments of society at least--live in a hyper-mobile world. We take vacations abroad. We travel for business. And we visit family and friends overseas. Each time we get on a plane, our personal carbon emissions jump. So what can be done about it?

Read the full story: What's the Carbon Footprint of Love, and How Do We Reduce It?

Photo: Rob Annis, used under Creative Commons license.

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