The Week in Pictures: Obama Vs. Bush on National Parks, Artist Island Bought on Craigslist, and More

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There are a lot of things about environmental policy from the Bush era that we'd like to see reversed, but one thing he may have done better than Obama is preserve, or at least not destroy, national parks, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

We also have an uninhabited island bought on Craigslist for artists, a tiny 107-square-foot British-themed apartment in Brazil, organic, lactose- and gluten-free ice cream treats, must have crops for a foodie's garden, UNESCO saying no to wind turbines, and more, in our roundup of the best photos on TreeHugger this week.

Who's Protecting Our Parks Better?

We already know these treasured public places, America's best idea, are in trouble, but PEER has put together an interesting analysis: the National Park Service under Obama has taken a series of actions that are either worse than Bush-era policy or that actively undo protections implemented during those eight years.

Read the full story: National Parks Policy: Obama Vs. Bush

Photo: james.gordon6108 via flickr

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