The Week in Pictures: New York's River Water Pool, Fruity Caprese, and More

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Last summer, we introduced the + Pool, a one of a kind idea to build a floating pool in New York City's East River, filled with filtered river water. And now, the news that it's closer to becoming a reality.

We also have a fruity caprese, 10 delicious frozen desert recipes, a sweet surfboard crafted from 72 beer cans, a pool turned museum, the latest from graphic artist Banksy, and more in our roundup of the best photos on TreeHugger this week.

River Water Pool in NYC Heats Up

Since then, the + Pool team has been busy turning what back then seemed like a long shot. And they've come a long way in a year: they've teamed up with engineering firm Arup and have launched Kickstater campaign to fund the transition from designing it to building it.

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Photo: + Pool

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