The Week in Pictures: Living Map of Central Park, a Bike with Metal Tires, and More

Alex Davies

Alex Davies (@adavies47)
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September 30, 2011

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We've featured a lot of vertical gardens on TreeHugger, many of them superb but none quite like this one, grown as a living map of New York's Central Park.

We also have a bike with innovative metal wheels, avant-garde DIY fall harvest decor, a play ground that looks like a deep sea monster, watermelon and tomato gazpacho ice cream, and more in our roundup of the best images on TreeHugger this week.

A New Kind of Map

In 2009, LTL Architects designed offices for the The Open Planning Project (TOPP) in New York. The highlight is an 84-inch long walnut bookshelf that is a map of Manhattan from the southern tip to the top of Central Park. The park itself is a living wall, complete with lakes.

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Photo: Parker Urban Greenspaces