The Week in Pictures: Just 50 Years of Oil Left, Best of Green Awards, and More

Emma Grady

Emma Grady
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April 8, 2011

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Is it shocking that we have just 50 years of oil left? If you have kept up-to-date with recent news, perhaps not.

We also have all of our favorite people, places, organizations, animals and more in TreeHugger's third annual Best of Green Awards, green adventures you must experience before you die, vegan versions of your favorite meals, and more, in our roundup of the best photos on TreeHugger this week.

The Peak Oil Silence

It's the hard truth: we are running out of oil. However, even more shocking is the calmness with which this line was delivered in a video (around the 02:00 minute mark) by HSBC senior economist Karen Ward. Outside of specialist reporting, such statements are seldom heard.

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Photo: Mark Rain via Flickr/Creative Commons