The Week in Pictures: Greenland Disappearing, Floating Pod Hotels, and More

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Despite protests from climate change deniers, proof that the world's glaciers are melting keeps piling up. In just two years, large stretches of Greenland have disappeared into the ocean, and the comparison of photos from 2009 and this year is simply shocking.

We also have oil rig escape pods turned hotels, exclusive New York Fashion Week coverage, glowing "soldiers" that represent the nuclear threat, a recipe that saves the avocado, and more in our roundup of the best images on TreeHugger this week.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The rate at which those glaciers are disappearing continues to shock scientists anew. This summer, a new crop of photos were taken of one such dissipating ice mass, the Petermann glacier. When lined up with photos taken on the same date just two years ago, the contrast left scientists stunned.

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Photo: Alun Hubbard of Aberystwyth University, Wales.

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