The Week in Pictures: Food Magnified, Stunning Glacier Caves, and More

Emma Grady

Emma Grady
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April 1, 2011

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red licorice magnified photo
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It looks like a page from a medical text book...but it's actually a close-up of licorice: Caren Alpert's food magnification photos make you think twice about what you are eating.

We also have striking photos of glacier caves, a hulking war ship that gets recycled into kitchen items, transformer tables, an inside look at the makings of the Eames lounge chair, Obama saying climate change is real, and more, in our roundup of the best images on TreeHugger this week.

Yes, That's Red Licorice

Caren Alpert spent 18 years as a photo editor and food photographer before turning her artist's eye to the things we see every day but never look closely at: What we eat.

See if you can identify the foods in these images from their otherworldly close-ups.

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Photo: Caren Alpert