The Week in Pictures: Earth Day, Mood Foods, and More

Emma Grady

Emma Grady
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April 22, 2011

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If you thought Earth Day was just about picking up a little trash and planting a few seeds, think again. Thirteen green lifestyle experts share how they're marking the day, with activities ranging from kitesurfing to filmmaking.

We also have seven foods shown to effect your mood, circuit boards and ribbon cables repurposed as furniture, a slick new electric motorcycle, and more in our roundup of the best photos on TreeHugger this week.

David de Rothschild, Head of Adventure Ecology

"My advice is to try and take those small steps that can have a big impact on lessening our footprint on the planet, but more importantly, and maybe more novel, let's try to make it Earth Day every day -- so whatever you're doing, think about the planet. Without nature, we have nothing."

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Photo: Courtesy David de Rothschild