The Week in Pictures: Cloud Travel, a Vertical Forest in Milan, and More

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We talk a lot about low-impact transportation on TreeHugger, from bikes to electric cars to high speed rail. But this is definitely the first time we've talked about traveling on a floating cloud.

We also have a building in Milan that's a "vertical forest," iMacs made into aquariums, a designer that built a dome house out of farm parts for his mother, a photo montage that reinterprets the American road trip, and more in our roundup of the best images on TreeHugger this week.

Cloud Travel

In a world where everything seems to operate at hyper-speeds (often at the expense of the environment), we're well aware of the apparent benefits behind such movements as "slow food" "slow cities" and "slow design." But what about "slow travel"?

To answer that question, from New York-based architect Tiago Barros comes this oddly intriguing proposal for a network of huge inflatable clouds that travel from place to place, riding on the predominant winds. Funny enough, this design was an entry in a competition for a high-speed rail network.

Read the full story: Forget Airplanes, Travel Via Cloud: Floating Zeppelin Network by Tiago Barros

Photo: Tiago Barros

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