The Week in Pictures: Camping Trailer is also a Boat, Cats Nap in TVs, and More

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could just take your car from road to lake? Well now you can, and while camping to boot: This wild design morphs a trailer from a tent into a boat.

We also have old TVs that become homes for cats, a 1970s RV transformed into an off-grid eco-home, exclusive coverage of New York Fashion Week, and more in our roundup of the best images on TreeHugger this week.

So Much for Roughing It

This design for the Sealander will without a doubt capture the attention of anyone who likes to be comfortable while camping, but wants to keep a small footprint.

The tiny trailer can be pulled behind a car, the interior rearranges from kitchen to sleeping area, and best of all, you can put the pod out on the water if you feel like going boating for a bit.

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Photo: Sealander press kit

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