The Week in Pictures: Best Bikes for City Riding, Crackdown on Farm Photos, and More

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Choosing the best bike for city riding isn't just walking into any bike shop: Style, comfort, theft...the options can be seriously overwhelming. TreeHugger writers weigh in on their favorites.

We also have news on a law that could ban factory farm photos, top ethical travel destinations, an artist who finds beauty in plastic bags, and more in The Week in Pictures.

The ThinBike

There's so much to think about when purchasing the perfect two wheels for city riding, which is where we come in: Many of us TreeHugger writers are die-hard cyclists, navigating the streets of Barcelona, Berlin, Toronto, New York, Sydney, London, and other major metropolises on a daily basis.

Here are 10 of our favorite city bike solutions: Use them to single out the best for you.

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