The Best New Sustainable Products From the Los Angeles Designers and Agents Show

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TreeHugger likes to keep up-to-date on the latest green products to hit the market, and tradeshows are the best places to find them.

From June 13-15, Designers & Agents in Los Angeles featured a "Green Room," focused on environmentally-friendly products and their creators.

From candles to jewelry, chocolate to clothing, the products on display at the international trade fair demonstrated that there is much vitality in the sustainable housewares and fashion industries, at the highest levels of design, but also among small producers and craftsman dedicated to lovingly creating their unique visions.

Magda Rod, photographer and the entrepreneur behind Visionary, a lifestyle brand focused on organic and eco friendly products, attended the show to research for her organic and eco friendly product store Visionary Boutique in Los Angeles. The products highlighted here are her favorites.

Focusing on the Visual Experience

With the goal of highlighting emerging talent in an "intimate, synergistic environment that fosters relationships between designers and buyers," the Designers & Agents shows are edited by art directors hoping to foster a sense of discovery among attendees.

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Photo credit: Magda Rod

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