Recycled holiday house in Denmark is a free DIY gift workshop

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Dambo grew up doing streetart and graffiti, and as a self-described "hippie kid" his mom showed him the beauty in recycling.

"My whole childhood was spent in dumpsters trying to find wood to build my tree top house or at flea markets with my mom looking through stuff. I always loved the “hunt” in the dumpsters, and still love the excitement and anticipation when I’m climbing around in other people's trash; what will I find in the next box, what will it be, and what can I do with it."

Dambo went on to get a Masters in design and as he grew older he started increasing the scale.

"Today I have a huge workshop filled with scavenged stuff. I have two employees and together we make art and design that involves people in recycling to show them how valuable a resource it is. This is my mission, I believe its important and I love to do it."

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