Recycled holiday house in Denmark is a free DIY gift workshop

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Danish "recycle artist/activist" Thomas Dambo loves Christmas, he thinks the holiday is really wonderful. But he's got a problem with it.

"It's the number one materialist holiday in Denmark. It's all about the Christmas presents. You buy one for me, I buy one for you, and then we swap. I think Christmas was not supposed to be like this," Dambo told TreeHugger. "I believe christmas should be about friends, love and fun. And a I believe a Christmas present doesn’t need to be something you buy, but can be something you make yourself while being creative."

And thus the 36-year old did what any ambitious and awesome "recycle artist/activist" would do. He built a holiday house out of reclaimed pallets and signs in Copenhagen's Nikolaj Square, filled it to the rafters with cast-off craft materials (formerly known as garbage), and began inviting strangers in to make their own Christmas presents, all for free.

And it's a roaring success! On the following pages see the how the spirit of giving at "Remake Christmas" is playing out in all of its lovely trash-craft glory.

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