Most Popular Articles of September: Sleepbox in Moscow, Spicy Raspberry Sangria, and More

Alex Davies

Alex Davies (@adavies47)
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October 4, 2011

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moscow sleep box
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Two years ago, Lloyd wrote that he liked the idea of the Sleepbox, but wasn't convinced it would work, due to concerns about its...misuse. But now it's a big hit in a Moscow airport.

We also have a delicious spicy raspberry and serrano sangria recipe, a car riding the subway, a storm trooper helmet made out of Adidas shoes, and more.

Strictly For Napping

Lloyd says: I was dubious that it would ever see the light of day, noting "It is an interesting exercise in seeing how small a space one can comfortably live in, but one suspects that the opportunity for, um, misuse might keep this idea of the 15 minute hotel room from going mainstream."

Read the full story: Rent a Tiny Sleepbox At Moscow Airport. For Sleeping.

Photo: Arch Group/Ivanov Ilya