Most Popular Articles of August: 13-Year-Old's Science Project, 121-Year-Old's All-Natural Diet, and More

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The long Labor Day weekend (for our American readers, at least) is a bittersweet moment; the extra day off also signals the end of summer. In honor of another season gone, here are the 10 most popular stories we covered in August, from the 13-year-old whose now debunked solar breakthrough stunned scientists, to the 121-year-old woman living the sweet life in the Amazonian rain forest.

The Teaching Power of a Debunked Science Project

As reported on the Patch community website out of Northport, New York, 13-year-old Aidan Dwyer has used the Fibonacci sequence to devise a more efficient way to collect solar energy, earning himself a provisional U.S. patent and interest from "entities" apparently eager to explore commercializing his innovation.

Unfortunately, it turns out Dwyer's experiment was flawed, and his results were debunked. But Jaymi reminds us why the story was as popular as it was: "So, even when we're able to see the flaws, we still very much want to support a teen who is thinking creatively about real life problems needing solutions."

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Photo: American Museum of Natural History

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