Better Ways to Celebrate America Recycles Day: Practicing the 7 Rs

Collin Dunn

Collin Dunn (@collin_dunn)
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November 16, 2009


10 of 11
10 of 11

So, after you've done all (or most, at least) of these other Rs, recycling can still be a part of our waste management solution. It can help save energy, carbon emissions, and resources, but can't be a catch-all, or looked to as a central part of the solution for a green planet -- there's simply too much inefficiency and waste as most materials are downcycled into less functional materials and eventually trucked off to the landfill.

And there's no reason to wait for a special day, like the recent America Recycles Day, to get started practicing the 7 Rs and living a zero waste life.

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